What Do You Do When Your Website Is Blocked By Google Malware Warning

In a not very beautiful day, you visit your website and may suddenly see this warning “This website at www.MyWebsite.com (example) has been reported as an attack site and has been blocked based on your security preference”. This is not a fictitious scenario; we have seen this problem hurt businesses time and time again and it just happened with our client a few days ago.

If you are a business owner, I bet you will feel the danger right away! This scary warning can immediately sweep away your frequent visitors, your online customers or anyone else who visits your site. Nobody will dare to visit or come back to a blocked website because they are worried that their computer can be infected with malware. Especially if you have an ecommerce website, you definitely would want this warning to disappear immediately.

But it won’t, unless you take the proper actions.

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An Introduction To The Responsive Web Design Platform

A decade ago, people surfed web only through their personal computer. Thus all the websites were created in the resolution and size that would fit the computer screen. Now Smartphones, Tablets, iPad and Palmtop have crowded the market and people are using different types of devices with different resolutions. Should this change create any effect on the web design procedures? The answer is a clear -yes’.

Why do websites lose mobile traffic? When a customer views a site through his mobile, either the font will be very small that he has to zoom in or the screen will be very big that it cuts off few texts and images. When a webpage is awkward to view, people tend to sign out from the page. A survey stated that 16% of the users never came back to the sites that were awkward to look and 6% of them move to a competitor’s site. In spite of providing a best website with a specialized team of web designer, sites seem to lose traffic.

What is the solution for the loss in mobile traffic? Before the evolution of responsive web design platform, people hire web designer to create multiple versions of the same site for multiple screen size. But this process makes updating, SEO and managing costly, time consuming and complex. The recent turn on responsive web design platform eliminates all the disadvantages of the previous solutions.

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Creating Effective Web Design

With this software, it is going to be possible for buyers to enter their orders and for you to take them, maintain them on file and refer to them when required. The customer will also be allowed to check for updates concerning his purchase. From either side, 1 can effortlessly conclude just how helpful the application of an ecommerce functionality to a site can be for the seller as well as the buyer.

Now that you’ve taken a peek into ecommerce solutions, you’ll need to choose if you would like to make the most of this technology. Possibly it would help you come up having a choice should you could actually browse by means of internet sites that give services for installing whatever software program you need. You’ll wish to take a look at web style companies that offer Content Management Solutions including custom DotNetNuke and other applications you just may possibly have to be able to add this company functionality to your website. This can, of course, take somewhat patience since you would like to hire a business that will give you the very best there’s. When contemplating your choices, you’ve to check which one’s going to provide you with the most beneficial deal as you balance the price, length of contract as well as the availability of support promised.

The habits of shoppers on the web aren’t that various from that of those patronizing a physical store. As an alternative to picking up something that catches their attention or 1 which resembles the thing they are searching for, the internet user clicks on it. If the page doesn’t meet their expectation, as an alternative to putting the object down, they hit the back button and continue their search.ch.

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Planning A Content-heavy Web Design.

Many websites on the internet today, very little content at the same time to focus on the key message of that content. This is why many web designers are probably more low-medium curriculum. However, there are many sites out there with large amounts of content – news sites, certain blogs, online stores, community and more. When service requires significant content and a large amount of information on one page, then special planning is necessary.

Website that will need lots of content, the design must be specifically designed around the content. It will be the design phase. Other web design, filler content is sufficient, and the client still points together, and this is because a lot of the content areas of the design can be flexible text length. However, the content of heavy design, with so much content units on one page, it can be very useful to know how long Blurbs, delivery, or other parts Static Content. In addition, if there is a variable pieces of content, it would be useful to know the average size of the meat pieces.

The mere aesthetic design perspective, content-heavy design takes a different route, so as well. Organizing web site hierarchy, rhythm, and procedures, and to define the functional design is very important because it is stressed throughout this article and many more like it. Color and form, though it has a lot to do with it too. While many of the aesthetic design choice is the best content heavy designs, many of which are also good functional design. In a sense, they complement one another.

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E-commerce Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid.

In this current arena, people are spending more and more time on the internet. Thus, it is perfect to start an online shop if you have the products. E-commerce business is flourishing today and even global brands are now catching up on this trend and selling their products online. However, one needs to be careful while setting up an e-commerce website because designing the e-commerce website in the right way is as important as having the correct products. An e-commerce website that is poorly structured is bound to lose a huge chunk of both traffic and revenue and if you are planning to set up an e-commerce website, some of the potential web design mistakes which one ought to avoid are:

i).Creating improper categories and not having the right products assigned to them. Using an example of a person running an online cloth store, it is important to separate clothes into the women, men and children’s category then segregate them into subcategories. The subcategories should then have all the product ranges including their brands. To improve the friendliness of the user, provide preferences where viewers could segregate these products via brands, cost, size, and ratings.
ii).No detailed Information about the product. The user should be provided with a detailed information about the product. Provide the zoom feature where users can click on a particular product image and get any view of the product. The site should also have a reviews section with reviews of people who have used the product. This will help to improve the trust among the users.
iii).No detailed ‘about us’ page. You need to understand that the user who is buying your product isn’t able to touch and feel the product till the time one gets the chance to get it. Hence, there will always be doubt on their part as to its authenticity. In such a scenario, many users browse to the ‘about us’ or ‘about company’ to get a more detailed information of the company. One should always provide an about us page that has verifiable information and also provide contact details which users could check and confirm.
iv).There is no online help. Online help should clearly be visible and available to the user while browsing on the site and it should be seen on every page of the site so that users can immediately have their queries answered and problems solved.
v).Failure to provide a checkout button. Certain users may not wish to sign up for a website because of some various reasons. Some may not be wishing to disclose their email addresses or else they won’t wish their inbox to be choked with the company’s emails or there may even be the scenario where they are too bored to fill in the contact details. For this reasons, one should provide an easy checkout procedure page in addition to the sign up page where users who don’t wish to sign up can easily check out. This improves the chances of sale while there is always a probability that the same user may sign up in feature in case he is impressed with your company’s abilities.

By avoiding this factors, one can be assured to get good returns of using e-shopping to sell products and advertising for services.